Hey Guys, I’m back for the most part, and sorry for my absence.  I’m usually pretty quiet about my personal life (despite journal comics talking about masturbation habits of course) but I thought I’d give everyone a heads up of what is going on.  Someone really close to me, one of the few people who I can credit with raising me, is gravely ill.  So with the amount of freelance I was doing, I wanted to make sure I had as much time to spend with them before it was too late.  My time was extremely limited, so I wanted to make every second in my day count… and I’m really sorry that it took a longer toll on my comics than I had planned.  Because I LOVE comics, and the community, and I love you guys for reading mine.  I’m sorry for being quiet, and not giving more of a heads up of what was going on, but I didn’t know how, and I didn’t want to sound selfish while taking time off.  Again, I’m truly sorry.

I wish I could say that my dinosaur engineering time continuum experiment was a success, but apparently trying to tape teeth to chickens doesn’t make them dinosaurs.

I’m back at my desk again, and I’m happy I can start updating again.  For the time being, there will be multiple updates a week, and Scout will be back later this week for Monday at the latest.  Thank you all for putting up with me, it really means a lot.

Also happy to be drawing Chase and the gang again (even though its just the back of his head in this post).