Underwear companies hate him!
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  1. Ditzite

    Packing in the skinny jeans they must be made by Hulk’s tailor to only rip just enough.

  2. Matthew Will Donaldson

    i really wanna see this battle but im a bit upset the swat wasnt an epic panel of destruction

  3. Douglas Pittman

    Except…Nergil feared Mr. Mills :|…
    also Looks like our warlock friend discovered Excalibur 😉

  4. nightflyer87

    Be brave like your mother, Taryn. Knowing Chins, he may whip out what your dad is packing in those tight, tight jeans to throw you off your fight game if he thinks he is losing.

    • Demonlogan

      Think those are two different kinds of ‘brave’.

  5. Aurico

    Did Mr. Mills miss with the swat and knock himself out, allowing Chins to take him over?

  6. Warcodered

    Well that doesn’t bode well.

  7. Michael Rohman

    “What a twist!” HAHAHAHA I love this comic!

  8. Zachary Lucido

    Mr. Mills is a well travelled man, and they don’t make pills for magic STDs!
    It’s all tentacles and fins down there, like your average anime.

  9. paradocks23 .

    Have you ever seen a penis so amazing and terrifying that it opened your third eye? If not, you owe it to yourself to go and find one right now.

    • fairwinds42

      Why bother when you can have the old one eye… ;p

    • Jenny Everywhere

      I thought that WAS a guy’s third eye. The +1 One-Eyed Zipper Worm of Tunneling. (Not to be confused with the Heat Seeking Moisture-Missile of Pounding, +3 against wombs.)

  10. Infamous Nefarious

    I bet it looks like a live lobster wearing a pair of wax lips. With all the pointy-pinchy bits included.

  11. Reaverrun

    You know, everyone’s making a big deal of Mr. Mills, but in that ONE flashback way early in the comic, Taryn has a traumatizing flashback about her father having TROUBLE pleasing Destiny. If Mr. Mills has dinosaur senior in his pants, what unholy hell is DESTINY carrying?

    • Coconuteater

      high standards.

    • Lyanna Stark

      Just because one has dinosaur senior in one’s pants, doesn’t mean one knows how to give pleasure to another.

    • SmilingCat

      Repeated trauma causing scar tissue and nerve damage. It’s… it’s all just dead down there.

      • Hilde Elfriede

        I do believe we have confirmation to this one. The scar comparisons, when she makes the comment “You’ve left your scars on me, too.”…

        “No one ever sees what I’ve done to your vagina.”

  12. Clay

    Well, that’s what happens when you murderfuck another man’s wolverine.

  13. David

    He is impregnating autoclaves at Hilti for a living.

  14. Pyrate Ian

    ooooh my mind is riddled with unpleasant images of horses, and other large mammals, and things i’ve seen when search results stop being relevant.

    • Darkfeather21

      Those all pale in comparison to what resides in Mr. Mills’ pants.

      • David

        During comparison.

      • Pyrate Ian

        *insert joke about elephant man here*

  15. oogiesragdoll

    A spaceship into a shoe if I remember Destiny’s description correctly.

    • Rishar

      Possible if it’s the Tardis. Though that raises waaaaay too many other questions I don’t want to contemplate.

    • Louis Chapman

      space SHUTTLE, IIRC.

  16. Is there an email I could contact the creator at?

  17. Souffrir

    Scott did u ded agin?

    • Evan Bloom

      Starting to suspect.

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      He’ll revive. He just goes into a coma every now and then from all the beer and skittles he consumes in vast quantities while drawing these.

      • Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather

        What is dead cannot die, but rises again to drink beer and eat Skittles.

        But in all seriousness: if somebody nearby could poke him with a stick or maybe check for a pulse, that would be great.

        • Jazz Anarchist

          He’s been working on a mini comic, or at least that’s what it says on his Facebook. 🙂

          • Joseph

            How long is that mini comic?

            Side note apparently he got married (looking at his twitter)

            So congrats

          • Jazz Anarchist

            Yep, he hasn’t said show’s over. So it’s not dead as far as I know.

          • Reaverrun

            *sigh* the truth is it is not the first time he’s accidentally dropped into another reality from enough beer and Skittles to rip a hole in space-time for a while. Last time it was over a year before he found his way back. God speed ye magnificent bastard.

          • Jazz Anarchist

            Yeah, I want my koalas dammit! XD

    • korbl

      Should we form a search party? Stocked with beer and skittles? Or maybe a syringe of fruit to stave off scurvy?

  18. Chaz

    Scott stp playin wit snek.

  19. Jenny Everywhere

    Don’t come back until you can draw Chase PROPERLY. He’s not a kid anymore, dangit, he’s had seks and EVERYTHING! He’s got to be the Last Human King, doesn’t he? He can’t do that looking all immature and weenie.

  20. Michael Rohman

    This is Houston calling Roosterman. Can you read us Roosterman? Come in Roosterman! PLEASE!!!!!!!

  21. Dah

    I still hold out hope

  22. elitburch1001

    We persevere.

  23. Kenneth Nahigian

    “Waiting is.” ~ Valentine Michael Smith

  24. Nobody Special

    Ok, seriously…who says “Get ready for some action scenes!” and then just peaces out for 8 months? Who DOES that?

    Saddened…especially since in addition to Nerf This, Scout Crossing has hooked me into one of the most intriguing and engaging stories I will never see develop, because at this rate I will be long turned to dust before it is ever told.

    • KarmikCykle

      A LOT of web comic authors do that, sadly.

      • Nobody Special

        I’ve dubbed it the Way of the Webcomic…come in, create something great, hook readers…then run out of material, motivation, or time and then vanish with no sense of audience accountability or closure.

  25. Duncan K

    I’ve come here, day, after day, after day. For 8 months, hoping that when i click Nerf This in my daily rituals of checking web comics I like that i’ll see the next page, Then i check twitter and facebook for a possible update…nothing I’m losing hope, but I’m not out of it.

  26. Jayson Mann

    If I wanted to wait almost a year between updates, I would just read a book. Actually… Maybe I’ll do that instead. In 5 years or so I may check back to read the next 4 pages.

  27. RED

    Delete this comment if you like, But have you guys ever heard of Questionable Content? He pretty much updates every weekday. If you guys want a constant in your life.

    • Devoidofsoul

      Yup, I read it every day…good comic.

  28. Anyone heard about the creator of the strip?

    • Kracken

      Last I saw (on his twitter), he’d gotten married, but there’s been nothing since then, and that was October. I think he mentioned that he’d started drawing material for something else (paid) a while ago, but honestly it seems like he might have just abandoned the comics for real life. It happens.

  29. Devoidofsoul

    It is sad to see another webcomic series die. I just keep telling myself to appreciate what was given and not expect too much, but damn when they are this good….it just sucks. So thank you for the content you have created it was truly awesome but ……

  30. TheFabulist

    I love this series, it’s basically what got me into web comics. But dude, Berserk has put out 8 full chapters since this went up. I want more pleeeaasssee.

  31. mth

    Hope you’re doing okay, dude!

  32. elitburch1001

    <3 and miss you, Author! Hope all is well in life, and whatever you've turned your magical powers towards now. If you don't see nerf-this, Motokool, or Scout in your future, thank you for what you gave us. Absolute buckets of fun comics and a wild world. If you do return, I hope I remember to check in and get delighted for whatever new content you bless us with.

  33. Pajama Man

    Still nothin, huh? Guess my only recourse is sad masturbation.

    • the flying cuss

      and food. dont forget food.

      • Rebel Tuba

        don’t combine the two

        • Joshua Meade

          dont judge me

  34. Ecchi Bunny

    Man i check this bookmark each day hoping it would update. :c
    Hope the author is okay. 😮

  35. Ryan Shurie

    Why would you stop? It’s so goooooood!!! DX

  36. Pajama Man

    Geeze , Caanan of occasionalcomics.com got brain cancer and still manages to stop by and give updates.

  37. Mr.ImMyOwnGrandfather

    My last comment here was about 8 months ago. Damn, I guess it’s really dead. Thanks for the laughs Nerf This. You will be missed.

  38. vinkong

    I check weekly out of morbid curiosity. I will say this: I am a huge fan of this artwork. I appreciate how much work goes into it.

    When webcomics end, it can happen in many ways:
    1) an abrupt, unplanned hiatus that goes on forever;
    2) a planned hiatus that goes on to become ‘comic is over’;
    3) a sporadic update schedule that leaves you hanging and never comes back;
    4) a planned ending, with the story and characters given some sort of resolution; or
    5) a planned sopranos style ending that leaves readers with questions.

    I think the thing that may bother readers is we don’t know which one this is. ( I mean, we know its 3, but we want to confirmation?) Either way, thanks for the good-ass digital art. I have learned things.

    • vinkong

      Now that I have come here to check as often as I have there is a strong desire for the last panel to put on a t-shirt.

    • Klaus

      Unless I’m mistaken, its not the first unexplained hiatus for this comic… If it wasn’t for comic rocket I might never have noticed, that there were the fourty-odd pages I just read.

      Can be worse. The Blip webcomic even went offline in between after a year or two, and then suddenly came back (albeit with an irregular update interval).

  39. ANON

    You could at least come back and give us a “this comic is dead” message, this is just a kick in the balls to your loyal readers. Seriously it would take like 30 seconds to give us a bit of closure, but you can’t be bothered, yeah you made something good and thank you for that but fuck you for just abandoning everything like this.

    • A Spark

      You know, it’s quite possible that Scott died and the subscription to the domain just hasn’t run out yet.

      • ANON

        That would be a tragedy and I sincerely hope that’s not the case. But given his upload history I think it’s more likely he’s quit, is busy and/or doesn’t want to do this anymore.

    • TheContradiktion

      Hopefully for his sake it’s a situation like Ramon Perez with Kukuburi where success simply took over his life.

  40. Duncan K

    Hope you can come back to us soon Scott, I don’t know what happened to you man but I know a lot of us are waiting for you to come back soon.

  41. menelaus

    I’m starting to think about taking his place and continue that comic myself, can’t let it die like this, and moreover, can’t desappoint so many readers…

    • ChaosSorceror_Davidicus

      Let’s be fair. You couldn’t possibly:
      – know what’s about to happen.
      – know where the story is going.
      – imitate the art style to the satisfaction of the aforementioned “so many readers”.
      – understand how much flack you’d get for doing so.
      – have the permission of the artist, because whether or not you tell him, he’s gonna find out from somebody.
      – realize how shamelessly fanfic-y it’d get from there.

      • menelaus

        indeed, also, he’s gonna come back and keep it going anyway…someday

      • David

        Well, if Scott were in a position to know what’s about to happen and where the story is going, he’d likely have updated long ago. It looks to me like he narrated himself into a corner and didn’t find a worthwhile way out.

        • Demonlogan

          A while back (I’d say ‘months ago’ but I’m not too clear on time), on facebook it was put out that a physical volume of Nerf This went on-sale, but I haven’t really heard much after that (not that I actually looked but…) so it’s possible that the situation might be related. Noting that, it’s on the Corvink store, and another webcomic I was tracking for a while (LAWLS) is also thereabouts, might be something business-related/putting it online for free doesn’t make money? Not saying that’s the case, just suggesting.

  42. Sharratum

    Has anyone seen any activity from Scott on any medium? Slightly worried he got drunk on honeymoon and tried to abduct a horde of egg farm chickens and is currently in jail/coma.

    • Richard Miller

      I am also curious. Does anyone have any information what-so-ever?

  43. Aldurin

    I hope this hiatus isn’t from anything unfortunate happening to you, and I won’t angrily accuse you of abandonment over this regardless. There’s been no obligation for you to delight me and many other strangers with your work over the years, so I am dearly thankful that you’ve provided so much already. Your writing and art has stood out so much from most media to me, and I can proudly list you as one of my major influences with how I do my own writing.

    So thank you for that, and I hope you’re finding just as much delightment in life as you’ve given us with your works.

    • Ahlii

      He got married last October, so he’s probably busy with life, family, who knows what else. I sincerely hope everything is going well for him. He’s been a huge influence on me and my artwork too.

  44. I’m so glad I found an old bookmark of this comic after being away for a while. A few years is a while. One year is just a (in your case) well-deserved nap. I’m looking forward to buying lots of merch from you soon and hearing about how awesome you new husbandly duties must be. ☺️

    • Out of Curiosity

      Hold up. Are you saying he’s coming back?

  45. Jazz Anarchist

    Hey Scott, hope all is well and that you’ll soon be delivering more Koala filled goodness upon us. :3

  46. Pajama Man

    At this point, I’m only disappointed in myself when I come to check for an update. After a year you think id know better.

    • Out of Curiosity

      Don’t beat yourself up. It’s only natural to hold onto hope, especially for a series as good as Nerf This.

  47. Lykas

    Guys! He’s tweeted for the first time in several years! He’s NOT dead! I don’t think!

    • Jazz Anarchist

      He’s alive, he’s aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive! :3 😀

      • Out of Curiosity

        Still no new chapter though

      • jazzanarchist what

  48. Peter

    I’m proud that you managed to stop all 3 of your awesome comics without ever telling so, this 1 lasted the longest, good job! ..I..

    • Out of Curiosity

      I come here every month or so to see if he uploaded. Even after all this time, still nothing. My patience grows thin and my hopes are even thinner.

      • Ellie

        I still check near daily. I love the comic. That said, if it’s never going to update again, at least an announcement would be nice instead of just waiting and wondering if it will update or if the site will eventually go down.

  49. Ed Brown

    I’m sad that I don’t get to see more comics, and I hope everything is good with you. Thanks for everything you have done so far. I will keep checking in on the comic from time to time.

  50. GrilledTony

    Two years later and I still check this site every time I open my laptop…

  51. Jazz Anarchist

    Well he just posted on his Twitter several days ago, so maybe he’s coming back?

  52. Vidar Tornes

    Guys, from his twitter page: “I am still doing comics, I’ve just been doing work on on some published projects, but once done I will be diving back into Scout Crossing and Nerf This again :)”!

    • Elliot Vincent

      i’m glad that i check back occasionally, thanks for the good news

      • Elliot Vincent


  53. Lots of disrespect to the artist in the comments here. And before I get the provincial “WELL he disrespected us with no update” I would like to mention that he DOES have a life, possibly one bigger than 3 SEPARATE webcomics produced for us to read FOR FREE.

    If anyone here criticizing can tell me they’ve never dropped what they had going on to pursue something bigger, better, or god forbid necessary (medical emergencies anyone?) then fine I guess you win congrats here’s your prize for the moral high ground: Nothing really.

    If he never returns to this comic at all, I won’t blame him. I’d just be disappointed that the fans like his comic but see fit to dis him constantly for content he provided freely. He doesn’t really owe us anything.

    • Finbar

      While I agree, I don’t think it’s too much to ask for some kind of notice when you’re about to take a two+ year hiatus. That way we could all mark our calendars and move on instead of being disappointed at irregular intervals for all that time. Especially given it’s not the first time this has happened.

    • Tarod

      I say tip them a 20 before you call them a piece of shit. Not like they support him otherwise

  54. Well, it’s been a while. And yes, I did move the bookmark into the “Probably dead” folder. And there;s a PILE of ’em in there. (Kikiburi, The Meek, Mare Interium, Jefbot, Angry Zen Master… ) But hey, that’s the nature of the webcomic scene. Some conclude. Some fade away. Sometimes the artist gets hit by a truck,… or gets a real job. But as a designer and illustrator, I have some notion of what it takes to produce a regular comic. I do hope Scott is well and having a life.

    “I am still doing comics, I’ve just been doing work on on some published projects, but once done I will be diving back into Scout Crossing and Nerf This again :)”!

    Ah. Cool. There is hope. Anyway, every once in a while I get the urge to try out a webcomic idea or two… and then promptly SLAB MY FACE INTO THE NEAREST HARD SURFCE and REPEAT until the urge passes, and sanity re-asserts itself and I go back to doing shit I get PAID for.

    So, I do grok. Hang in there, Scott. It’s been a ride, and will be nothing but thrilled If the strip comes back.

    • sic

      Kukuburi was the name of that comic. Also, the author of The Meek focuses on her other comic, which seems to interest her more right now (Mare Internum)

      • Aye, dropped a typo on Kukuburi, but Mare Internum hasn’t updated in a while either, tho’ there is a blogpost from last December. I’m actually impressed that Megatokyo has been updating semi-regularly again. If there’s a chap who’s got an abundance of LIFE, it’s Fred Gallagher. Dude. Hang in there, man.

        But I do agree with Corey below, there is no good reason to give Webcomic artist/writers a hard time about updates. Rude. Bad form, that. For the overwhelming majority of these folk, it is utterly a labor of love. Even out in the actual workin’ world, a lot of clients and employers half – or actually – expect creative talents to work for damn near, or actually nothing – for “exposure” or for love alone. Exposure don’t pay mah billz, yo.

        • sic

          Kukuburi’s back btw

    • Tarod

      Mare Internum is finished!
      Also if you’d like another amazing dead comic, miamaska is about a girl who goes to Narnia* and gets… interesting abilities. I can not describe it more without spoiling something interesting.

  55. Kanta

    Really looking forward to those action scenes!

  56. Zach Davis

    it kinda disappoints me that this comic is no longer running, but i understand that life occurrences are much more big and beautiful than a web comic could ever be. it only brings hope that Scott takes up this project that has brought so much joy, meaning, and entertainment to so many people on the internet again. Scott, you are a truly talented artist and I hope you bring joy not only to me but to the rest of the world for years to come.

  57. Stabler

    Waiting so long to see more of this… I miss your witty humor… come back to us and please our souls

  58. Maxiondc

    Honestly it’s interesting that we all still congregate at your the grave of or lost love.

    • Devoidofsoul

      Yup. I have lost track of how long it has been really…but I check back every few months with the hope that he as started updating both his comics. Nerf this especially stopped at a crucial story line moment. Hell I would pay for a hard copy of the comic if he was selling them. Just need a resolution.

      • Marssuss

        According to my research (scrolling all the way down to the bottom) the very first comment was from 4 years ago. So ya it’s been a while, but I still check every now and then to see how many new comments there are.

  59. Bob

    I cry everytime

  60. Matt [in Middletown]

    Hope you’re okay sc0tticus.

  61. Victor Parrish

    So it’s beef this officially over?

  62. Haydn Kay Tallock

    I will wait for as long as the website is up…

  63. ESCapist

    Scott, I hope you are ok and happy. I miss Nerf-this but realize your well being and happiness is more important. I keep coming back every now and again hoping you will up date it again. Just because I needed your humor I just reread all of Nerf-This and man did it make me laugh so much it hurt. Even if you just posted one more page where you said they killed the bad guy, Nergil and Zoe got together and everyone lived happily ever-after where in the coment section you told everyone you are ok but moved on to better things would be great. I just hope you are ok.

  64. P

    I do miss this comic, I like to come back and read it every couple of years. It’s one of the few that I really do laugh out loud. While I doubt this will come back, I do want to let you know I really enjoyed this. I also still have the shirt I bought from you, the original kills things with its bare hands club. So thank you for providing entertainment and hope all is well.

  65. Thomas Walder

    At least the author seems still alive on twitter, so at least he hasn’t died

  66. Lloire

    Hmm, this disappeared and then came back. Odd.

    • sc0tticus

      Odd, but hopefully not too odd. Site was hacked and completely gutted, luckily Denis from LAWLS came to the rescue and rebuilt everything from scratch, now I’m slowly reloading the comics to their respective posts.

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