Hey guys, glad to be back, but I do need to address this wonky schedule I’ve been on…

To make it clear, Nerf This doesn’t have an update schedule, when I first started Nerf This I wanted it to be a MWF update schedule, but after a while I just… started updating every weekday.  I never put on my site anywhere that this comic would update daily.  I upheld this schedule for nearly two years without many hiccups, unfortunately the past few months have been unforgivably busy, and I’m sorry that it is affecting this comic, I’m truly sorry.  It makes me really happy that I can provide something that you can read for free on Nerf This, it really does.  As Nerf and my other projects grow, I realize I can’t keep up with it, hell, I’m even looking to hire an assistant.  I’m letting Denis from LAWLS and Rush Haven handle my store items so things get out in a timely manner.

By any means, I’m not complaining, I love my life and what I do, if I have to choose what I wanted to be when I was little, the choices were drawing comics, and being a poacher hunter (Pennsylvania doesn’t have a high demand for poachers apparently).  Please don’t take Nerf updating infrequently as a sign that I’m, “throwing in the towel”, “giving up”, “not caring” or any of that, I do care, and I’m stressed as hell to find a solid answer to make it work.  I should have posted what was going on sooner, and I’m very sorry I haven’t.  So, to make this huge summary much more to the point, I want to say, please just hang in there a little bit longer, I promise things will be back to normality very soon.  I love drawing comics, and I love drawing comics for you guys.  Hell, I’m lucky that people even read my comics.

(sorry about the horrid grammar, I’m writing this after 5am, and I look like I could win some fancy schmancy vagrancy award 😀  Anyways, next comic will be here Monday, and I hope to see you all then 🙂


If you have any questions about any merch, including the book, please contact Rush Haven, and they will get back to you ASAP.