Alright, I need your opinions on this…

A reader brought up the point of the fillers being slightly obtrusive, at least splashed around in with the main storyline.  Obviously, the fillers I make are more or less a fail safe for when I get bogged down with freelance, emergencies, etc.  Now, I wish that I could avoid fillers, but at the very least I want to post something, I owe you guys that (and more truthfully).  I cannot move the fillers to another page on the site, because of the way comicpress is, and my strip format, they would be horridly squished, to the point of being unreadable.  Now, this is what I can do about it after talking with a few others.

-I can leave it the way it is.

-Delete them a day or two after they’re made, so everyone will see the filler, but it won’t interrupt anything.

-Post a filler, but also mirror the post on another site altogether, then delete the post after a day or two on Nerf This.

These are the options I “think” I’d like to present.  I seriously want Nerf This to be an enjoyable experience for everyone, you guys are the ones who make these posts happen 5 days a week, and I wish I could do more than that.  Some day I truly hope I can, so thanks 🙂

Also, doing mockups of the shirt, so that will in the store tonight, tomorrow morning 🙂