So Zoey is back in the hospital, and next we go back to Chase, Monty and the others.  I’ll probably be switching hairstyles around again, I kind of liked Zoey with long hair.  Also, I’m starting to like drawing Jack quite a bit.  Small bit of info, but Jack’s full name is Jackson Ruggles.

Book news coming next post, with a deadline when they will be in our warehouse and shipping out.  If you have a change of address since you backed the project, an email will be provided as well.

Also, you know that Destined Legends game I worked on? Well my friends Ali & Denis at Decobot just launched a Kickstarter for their second game Sugar and Spice. If you’ve been looking for a party game to play with your friends or family, this is an awesome indie game that you’ll love. Please consider supporting my friends, this game is a stepping stone to even more games, including ones I will be working on with them! (Also for you Destined Legends players, theres an exclusive new Vega card by Denis available through this Kickstarter that you may want to get while you can!)