So in any of you have wondered, Chase isn’t really the type for direct physical combat, poor guy never even got to finish that sentence.  For some reason when I writing that insult Hunter said (to Taryn) I leaned back and thought, “Ugh, that guy is such a dick”.

I like drawing Hunter, but man, he sure is not someone I ever want to meet 😉

ALSO, take a look at this, a reader did this for Nerf This, and her name is Allison (to which you may see her comment from time to time).  She’s a graphic art student and I absolutely adored what she drew up, it kind of shows Chase and Taryn doing something I should do more of, being relaxingly affectionate 🙂  She threw in other members of the cast and they all look awesome, thank you Allison!  (I will say thank you more so for fitting the Municorn in there too 😉

See you all Monday, have an awesome weekend.