So to keep everyone in the loop, this is what’s going on 🙂  (it’s good news I promise).

This is pretty much going to be the newish art style of Motokool, and all the prior comics (as I had originally scripted out) were pretty much just the intro to the main story, the story that is beginning now, years later.  As you can tell, this is an older Jarvis.

The new comic pages are going to be this size as well, so I can have more room for storytelling.

The style revamp is going smoothly, which I’m really happy about, I have a lot to learn yet, so growing pains are very apparent haha.  The beginning is about to start, probably next week or the week after, so check back if you get a chance, and I really can’t thank you all enough for sticking with me through this, it really means a lot!

So, what I guess I want to say is, welcome to the somewhat newish Motokool 🙂