I imagine thats how baby raccoons see me in that last panel before I snuggle them to dust.
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  1. Tulir

    I would like to thank you for this update. Good job, and I hope this is a sign of more things to come!

    • If anything, I should be thanking you for being so patient, and yes, this site will be updating more frequently πŸ™‚

      • kayode

        Dude it has been a year

        • 2 years!

          dude it has been 2 years!

  2. zombiebabe

    Scott! I’m so happy to have updates and on that note… *ahem*you’re missing the h on breathing

    • THanks for the heads up, the typo has been fixed πŸ™‚

  3. Gomall

    i love you sir, but when you say “this site will be updating more frequently” i have my doubts lol considering the last update said about 2 weeks and 1.5 years later πŸ˜›
    regardless, love this comic the best, but all your comics are awesome. <3

  4. Ryan

    Oh my god, an update before i leave for the army. This is the best present ever!

  5. Jahzuhl

    OMG, it has been ages since any updates, and as usual the artwork and details are amazing! I would pay good money for a weekly comic from this site!

  6. sic

    dafuq? It is still alive? I… I just can`t believe it. This… this freaking magnetic storm from the sun sure does strange things to the internets… and it even looks so real. Or did I just die w/o noticing… wait, I don`t smell too funny, have a pulse, so it must be real…

  7. If you wear a stovepipe hat, you must either be an evil SOB or Abraham Lincoln.

    The man in the final two panels is wearing a stovepipe hat.

    The man in the final two panels is not Abraham Lincoln.

  8. Astarion

    Its… Its beautiful… I knew it would come eventually, I knew you’d pull through for us, Scott, I checked every day… But I suppose, in my heart, I never truly believed… Until now…

    • Jahuzhl


  9. abowden

    That looks like a man, I wonder how he became a *literal* monster.

  10. Seraphim

    Thanks for the update.

  11. Josh

    Man, been waiting for this to continue for ages now. you do not fail to deliver good sir!

  12. Jakeguy

    will this story eventually over time lead up to the point where the grandson gets his arm torn off? or did we start on a fresh story arc? i was a tad confused when that happened and was a tad shy to ask.

    NONETHELESS I love this comic very much and am super excited to see it back in action!

    • Erandil

      Pretty sure that guy in panel 1-2 is the grandson, he’s missing an arm.

  13. Annabanana

    Thank you! I thought you abandoned this comic, though I checked up often I thought you were to busy or something. This is one of my favorite, especially of yours (the rocky road to Dublin sealed it). Please continue and as usual, amazaing job.

  14. quarktime


    Lookit, it’s so bright and shiny and new! An update to MOTOKOOL!

    I say, quite dapper and excellent and all that stuff.

  15. Fast As Molasses

    It’s been a couple of months since I last checked Motokool, but luckily I didn’t miss much. I am unsure if any of Scott’s 3 comics [Scout, Nerf This, Motokool] will finish in our lifetimes [no exaggerations here], which is sad because the stories are intriguing.

  16. Aspiring Aries

    Movie coming out about the baddie in the last pannel!
    “Babadook!” O_o

  17. Dr Raptor

    You always say you’ll update it more often! Stop toying with my emotions! ;n;

  18. Hey lad.

    Do you know that Nerf-This seems to have fallen offline?

  19. Darbinator716

    So about that whole “updating” thing…. please?

  20. Jasper

    Waiting for this is almost as bad as waiting for George R.R Martin!

    But just as (if not more) WORTH ITT!!!!

    Can’t wait for another post! hopefully before 2016, eh? πŸ™‚

  21. Wyatt

    Hey man, just wanted to let you know I’m still patiently waiting for another strip in this series. I love the idea of it and it’s interesting as hell! I mean, that goes for all of your strips, but I just haven’t seen an update in a while. Good job on everything, keep it up!

  22. Stu

    Intoduce villain
    disappear for a year.

  23. Kay

    *cries while waiting for an update* this is my favorite one! why must you take an entire year between updates!!

    • C.H.

      Coming up on two years now ;_;

  24. SilverShadow4

    Do you think we could get an update as a Winter-een-mas present, maybe? Please? ᴾ᢫ᡉᡃ˒ᡉ﹖ *sobs*

  25. Frasse89

    I really like this comic and hope to like hell that it’s going to become active again:) it’s fun and crazy = everthing you need. So I beg you, all-mighty-comic-creator, please update this comic^^ (and also nerf-this + scout crossing:D )

  26. Gvtprtsgvnit

    *uncontrollable sobbing*

  27. Canunt_Angeli

    Still awaiting updates… Will it ever happen? πŸ™

  28. Anon

    I need some more Motokool! Can’t wait to see how it ties in to Nerf This! I still can’t believe you juggle three comics and make them all look this good. If you ever need help with storylines or dialogue, I’m your guy.

    • Anon

      You’ll have to keep waiting. I think motokool is dead

  29. Ace

    resurrect MotoKool!

  30. :(


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