Trying to improve the art in a few ways.  Hoping everything turns out all right, and sorry about the late update, I’m getting ready to move, so time has been pretty tight on all fronts.

One thing I try to do in Scout is give you the best page I can possibly do, and try to push myself art wise further than the last.  There are things I need to improve on, like certain character angles, overhead shots, and many other things.  I also want to improve the amount of time for updates, too.  I’ve even considered black and white strips.  Sometimes I feel that would be counter productive to creating something worthy that you all can enjoy.  You all deserve that.

God, I love Ruggles, and his sass.

I’ve also been thinking since I do ink in these pages from time to time… would people actually be interested in buying an original art page?  What would I charge?  … 20 bucks?