"Seltzer water and lemon for blood, or wear red.  Dumbass."
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  1. Francisco Louren├žo

    That was bearly unnecessary.

  2. Nicholas Gaffney-Henderson

    ……. That dog is angry…

  3. Red Dracul Vongola


  4. 2ft1st

    Negatory on the sexy fun time. Boo

    • Aaron Cuilty

      Could always do some necrophilia action…. prolly quite the gaping neck hole…. just sayin.

  5. Evan Bazzani


  6. Harry Lee

    His murder face is just absolutely arousing.

    A shame she won’t get to see it. <3

  7. Aaron Cuilty

    Yay, bear got to have fun too!

  8. Mustachio



  9. Lobo

    Excuse me sir, your seeing eye dog seems to have bitten a lady.

  10. Randomhobo4

    Damn, that was satisfying to see.

  11. Jordan Hiller

    Talk about a headache.

  12. Rukami Katochi
  13. Douglas Pittman

    If Finn is so scary…and he is blind…I cant help but imagine how strong he was in his youth….and yet he still lost tot he kings?

    makes u wonder what kind of monster they are.

    • yeti64

      i think it was more like they out numbered him ants

      • actually he got his ass kicked by just one guy if I recall, it was Crossing that took multiple kings to go down.

        • GhostRaziel

          he got his ass beat by one guy after a long fight as I understand it, cuz yeah Chance took a bunch down, but Finn took a bunch down just to try to get to his buddy, so he was probably getting kind of tired, then pidgeon came in all fresh and cheap

  14. Rukami Katochi

    Also, can…can we puh-leeeease get that last panel (AKA Murderface Finn) as a background?? Right now Nergil with his Fuck Off rainbow is my phone background (cropped screenshot) and my desktop cycles through a few including Murderface Taryn, I would LOVE to add Finn to my collection!

  15. Tj Phoenix

    Dude… that last frame… fucking gold! I agree with Rukami… we need that as a desktop background!

    • RED

      I hope he doesn’t mind, but i tried my hand at editing to make it a single frame. https://www.tumblr.com/reblog/162136731442/GBFiblbz
      Hope he doesn’t mind. If he does, I’ll take it down.

      • Tj Phoenix

        can’t view it on my work computer but i am snagging this when i get home!!

        • RED

          what do ya think? was it okay?

  16. Dead On Time

    “Can I be one of those things?” she whispered to him. She would’ve been a good femme fatale.

    • GhostRaziel

      she was until she landed Finn in her sights

  17. Lashiticus wayne of wayne mano

    Finn motherfuckin Callaghan ladies and gents.

  18. foducool

    good bear doggo

  19. sic

    Also, it seems Finn’s eyes are not only painted around his studio (panel 1). So the question is, who put those up around?

  20. Phil

    Jesus! Stellar work! Been nearly a year since I last checked in here and THIS bit of sheer malevolent badassery is what’s going on! Totally worth the wait.

  21. Michael Rohman

    What a delicious way to cap her off! HAHAHAHA Wonderfully done!

  22. Chance

    Huh, i just realized that Finn must see the world like he’s playing one of the original Resident Evil games. goddamn that must be a bitch around corners.

    • GhostRaziel

      did you also notice he’s keeping an eye on scout at the same time, about 2 comics back scouts jacket has “finn’s shit” written on it in the same red ink as finn’s graffiti

  23. leotris

    Good to know we are back to the normal regularly scheduled updates.

    Couple of pages every two years.

  24. Arix

    I love that sinister face of Finn’s. MAKE IT A WALLPAPER :U

  25. Sean Braisted

    Got my hopes up when I realized I hadn’t checked this site in about six months…

  26. Justin Adams

    I haven’t checked this site in over 2 years and yet, only 8 new chapters…


  27. Diego Barros (butterflyninja)

    Can you please update at least once per year. Please?

  28. Cam Burns (burnside)

    I remember when Scout Crossing went on a 2-year hiatus in 2015 and I checked in every week, without failure, hoping it would have an update.

    In 2017, Scott started posting updates and I literally ran into the other room and yelled to my wife like a little kid that “my favorite stupid comic is back I can’t believe he finally started writing it again!”

    Anyway, here we are a year and a half after that brief hiatus break and even Nerf-This isn’t being updated. I’m really finding it hard to stay optimistic and I’m pretty bummed because this is one of the most unique stories I’ve seen in any medium.

    Here’s to hoping.

  29. Justin Seifert

    This is still in my rotation. I believe i have about 50 comics that I have in my “Comics” folder on chrome that I open up twice a day. Sadly I have several that stopped updating… like this one.

    • can you share the names of the best ones?

      • Chris Patterson

        I’ve been reading Sluggy Freelance and Schlock Mercenary. From the beginning.

        • Thank you for the suggestions man. Looks promising

        • check out this as well http://www.alicegrove.com

          • Chris Patterson

            I keep meaning to check that one out, I read the other comic he does, Questionable Content. As a heads for SLuggy and Schlock they’re from the Late 90’s and Schlock updates DAILY. I’m somewhere in 2009 for both.

            A couple other webcomics I enjoy: D20Monkey, Weregeek, Between Failures.

  30. raven0ak

    so…we can assume author is dead by now

    • Out of Curiosity

      He’s alive. He’s busy with other stuff but he plans to come back to Scout. Check out his Twitter for more info

  31. Sylphi

    Miss this. Please come back.

  32. Chris Patterson

    I feel like Connor MaCleod coming down to his first wife’s grave to light a candle every time I visit here.

  33. Red Dracul Vongola

    I keep coming here and to nerf this every now and then; hoping for an update, some info, anything really at this point

    • West0fTheM00n

      Hey, you’re not alone. I’ll take a morning off and go start to finish on all of them. Still good stuff 10 years later.

  34. Kevin K-Rock Rockhold

    Every few weeks I always check in, just to see if this picked back up. Story was super unique and intriguing, artwork was unreal, make a patreon for Scout Crossing and I will be your first supporter.

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