Another Journal Comic!

This is a very true story, there was a vulture on my property with a broken wing.  During my chase of this eater of all things dead, I had it cornered in a large shrub, now I’ve been trying to catch this legendary creature for weeks now, (and when you live on 12 acres, there is a lot of room to hide).  This vulture became my white whale, and I would have my harpoons ready (harpoons equal my hands, and me catching him), and I would not have him elude me again!   I never knew a vulture could hiss… or drool, and I underestimated that it’s beak is like a razor blade.  But I’m slightly overly optimistic when it comes to wild animals, instead of realizing that I should say, “oh look, it’s a wild animal” I usually say, “I’m SO petting you, forver”.  So without gloves, I dived into that damned bush. (did you know vultures will vomit on you as a defense mechanism?)

So if you ever go to Hawk Mountain in PA, you can see him!  They renamed him though, they THOUGHT Hannibal was better than Iggy… whatever.

Here he is today 🙂   (this picture is from the Reading Eagle Newspaper, for when they did an article on vultures last week).