Hey guys, I have some some stuff I want to talk about, hopefully things that are not so personal, but I’ll do my best to slip in some adventurous qualities (not really hat adventurous).

I’ve written, and deleted maybe four paragraphs so far, trying to find the proper thing to say.  In the past few months, I’ve been sick, or ill with something nearly weekly, and this went from being sick almost once every year.  Trying to keep up with my comics as well as my freelance design studio was something I was able to maintain in the past, but within the last year my freelance has more than tripled, and it wasn’t uncommon I would go days without sleep to keep up with deadlines, or many times asking for extensions to them.  I’m truly happy, after walking off poisonous snake bites, rock climbing disasters, and other things that actually could do damage to me, I discarded my lack of sleep as a walk in the park (a nice happy sunny park filled with friendly wizards).  Nevertheless, my doctor made me aware two weeks ago that I caused a considerable amount of damage to myself with maintaining this lifestyle.

I’m truly fortunate that I have you as readers, I really mean that.  The first thing I talk about with my comics are usually of the people who read them, and how they’re the nicest bunch of folks I’ve ever seen on any forum/comment page.  You’re supportive of not only the comic, but of each other as well, and that is a trait that I truly respect, and all of you have my thanks.

The worst thing is not updating this on time, and letting you down.  I know I can’t ask for forgiveness on that, and I’m very sorry to all of you.

After tossing a bunch of ideas around (some with Hussy, and maybe the cat… who both usually give horrid advice) I’ve come to a decision on how to balance things slightly… I’ve cancelled my freelance contracts, all of them.  I have a few things I’m committed to finish, but other than that, I’m done.  I can now devote all my time for what I truly love, and that’s Nerf This, Scout Crossing, and Motokool.

Freelance was a part of my life for years, and honestly… I’m happy to say goodbye to it.  Now I can get back to what truly makes me happy, and that’s drawing horrible jokes for all of you 🙂

Well, sorry for writing this terribly awkward post, I promise it won’t happen again!

PS:  Books are still on the way, and I’ll be streaming about that, and other things tomorrow while I draw Nerf.  I’ll try to have Scout or Motokool page done this week, if not, then there will be updates next week.  Again, I’m really sorry that these site updates are hectic right now, but for the 1st time in a while, I think things will run smoothly once again.