Wake up your special loved one with post-it notes on their “unmentionables“, it’s the true meaning of affection!

Also, a very serious note…

I’ve been having problems with my online store, I would even say GALLONS of problems.  Every step forward I was able to make seemed only to land me 3 steps back.  So, to finally rectify this, I think I’ve found a solid solution. Denis Caron of L.A.W.L.S. launched the online store Rush Haven, which will now carry all my merchandise as well as his.  Denis’ experience with merch by far surpasses my own, and I couldn’t think of someone better to put in charge of taking care of things.  Ultimately Rush Haven will be something great, catering to creators, and I can’t wait for that.  So, from this point on, please take a gander at Rush Haven 🙂

There is also a small bit about SOPA and PIPA over at his site, and I suggest you take a moment to read it.  SMBC also put a pretty strong post about it.  I’m really lucky to have the awesome bunch of you read my comic (sloppiness and all), so thank you for reading this rather long post.  It means a lot to me, I seriously can’t thank you all enough, and I’d hate for something to happen that could change that.

PS:  Book is going smoothly, will post more soon 🙂