If Andrew didn’t do this joke last week, and if I wasn’t hell bent on showing a little bit of character growth… I would have done this strip.  Sorry for the lack of punchline in this post D:

Little known fact about Mr. Mills, he’s more or less inspired by 3 people.  My mom’s dad always walked around our old farm with a holstered revolver, and even won marksman competitions like they were nothing… he seriously was a cowboy, lasso and all.  My dad’s father was terrifyingly intimidating, as a foreman to a foundry and feared by the hundred’s that worked under him… even 20 years after retirement I still hear people talk about the man he was, a towering general in a sense.  Also, my Great Uncle, who taught me how to skin, clean, and gut whatever he hunted (and I don’t even hunt!) at an age way too early for my own good.  Even though these 3 people were really something else, I haven’t met another person who had half the moxie they had, and I don’t think I ever will.  (and that’s enough of my malarkey for today).  Oh yeah, I have power again 😉