This is the exaggerated conversation with my computer last night, it went like this:
Me: Well looky here, an important Windows update? Hmmm… it must be important because it told me so.
Sparticus: (My computer’s name): I am very important Scott, you better click on me.
Me: Well… ok, I trust you Sparticus, my oh so awesome computer. *click*
Sparticus: Bwuhahaha! You fool, it is I (rips off mask!) Mr. Horrible Virus! Now you can’t use me ever again!!
Me: NOOOOOO! (sobbing) My trust has been betrayed by technology again!

8 horrid hours later, I killed that virus, luckily the only thing I sacrificed was sleeping last night 😉

The problem is fixed, and this would normally damper my mood, but I’m having a prototype of a Monty Plushie being made, so when that’s completely finalized, I’ll post it on here 🙂