EDIT:  To give everyone a heads up, Motokool will be posted on Monday Morning/Lunch-ish time at the latest, I’m almost all done with the colors, it’s just some rendering/tweaking I still need to do (wanted to let you all know 🙂  Thank you and sorry!

I’m sorry.

For those of you who have commented, I didn’t read them in the last post, an that is really wrong of me to, I was scared too, and honestly, I’m terrible at this sort of thing, I didn’t know what to say to people who wanted to know what was going on.  In truth, I was busy, with freelance, my other comics, trying to take jobs that pay bills.  I was coming to a decision I didn’t want to make, and that was deciding if I was going to end Motokool, and stick to my other comics, becuase as much as I love Motokool, I have to look at things from a loose business standpoint too…

I wanted to give a status update, but I didn’t know what to say, I couldn’t say an update would happen, or when, but I didn’t want to say that Motokool is finished either.  Next time if something happens, I’ll be let everyone know what’s going on.

BUT, things are really looking up, and I’ve decided I’m sticking to my guns, this story will continue, I’m committed to it, and the story, and I’m not going to let you guys down, or this comic.   So all in all, Motokool will resume next Monday, and will update every Monday after that 🙂

Thank you for continuing to check up on things in here, I know that I don’t deserve that, but thank you, you guys are really awesome.