This is a write up I’ve been meaning to do for a while, and I really need to take a moment to do it “right”. First and foremost, Scout Crossing won the grand prize on the Fabler! I didn’t expect to win, I really didn’t think that my art and writing would even end up in the top ten, but I couldn’t be happier that it did (seriously, I was actually shaking).

NOW, this is what I want to talk about…
The Fabler is doing a really great thing for creators who want to break into the comic/webcomic industry, they don’t promise you a syndication or a pay per page deal, but they offer you much more than that… they offer you the chance to win the tools to be a better artist, and the ability to make a better comic. This is something I don’t exaggerate by any means, the Fabler is giving anyone the chance to show their comic to the world, have it be voted upon by users and judges, and are letting everyone compete for products by Wacom, which is the leading standard for creators today.

In truth, Scout Crossing is a comic dedicated to my late older brother, he was an artist, a writer, and he’s the sole reason I grew up to love comics so much today. So far everyone’s support has been great, better than great (I honestly don’t deserve the awesome bunch of you who read this comic).

What I want to say, is that if you have an idea for a comic, or are currently updating a webcomic, enter it the the Fabler, because honestly, if I can win, I think anyone can 🙂 It’s an awesome bunch who run it, and they’re really passionate about seeing this still very young industry grow into something great.

If you wish to follow the Fabler on Twitter, you can find them here as well 🙂