The guys over at Decobot just informed me this week that Destined Legends has now been officially released at their online store. If you don’t know much about my involvement it in, I did a big portion of the art for it and will be doing a future comic that they will be releasing once I finish it. This was a really awesome project to work on and the guys who made the game are really great people. They even gave me a copy of the game to try out and I’ve played it with my little brother a few times. We both enjoy it a lot. If you like classic RPG games with good stories and trading card games I recommend you guys check it out.

Also, as a special deal for Nerf This readers, if purchase their Genesis Collectors Set and use the redemption code “NERFIT” at check out you will receive $5 dollars off! The set comes with one copy of the game (both dark and fire decks), two sidebar expansions (earth and water) as well as a play board. Hope you guys like it.