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It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. So, I thought I’d take a few moments to sit and talk with you guys about a project that I got hired to be a part of. I’ve mentioned it here and there on my Facebook page and Twitter feed, but haven’t really given a full explanation as to what it is. So let me tell you a bit about Destined Legends!

Initially, whenever I’m approached with a project, I’m extremely hesitant as to whether or not I should take it on. This is for various reasons: whether I’ll have the time, will I be excited about what I’m illustrating, and if the people I’m working for truly are passionate about what they’re creating. I can say after discussing their concept with the team at length, that they are in fact just that, passionate about this project. Because of this, I can truly say that this is a project I’m more than happy to push every bit of myself on. And let me tell you, I’m also REALLY pleased with the outcome of the individual pieces they’ve hired me to do so far! Here are a few samples:

In short, Destined Legends (DL) is a trading card game, much like Magic the Gathering and/or Pokemon… but this game is much different than those two. DL is more of a classic turn based Japanese Role Playing Game, but in card form. I guess the closest example I can give is something like the Final Fantasy franchise, but even that isn’t exactly what this game is either. Either way, I’ve played a few different trading card games in my day, and I must say the lore, play style, the experience of this game is something that the TCG world needs, and I’m more than happy to be a part of it!

Another reason I’m writing this blog is to let you know that Destined Legends just launched their Kickstarter for their game and need your help to make this dream, of putting this game together, happen! They are offering various prints of my artwork, copies of the game, a Kickstarter exclusive rare card with my art on it, AND if they are able to exceed their goal, very possibly hire me to do a comic series revolved around their lore, and more art for their lore book & various other DL related products! So please, if this is something that interests you OR if you just want some art prints of some of some my best work, go check out their Kickstarter campaign and consider pledging!

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