Glad to be back, the year (which I heard has a fourteen somewhere in there) is new, I have no freelance, and am happy to finally start pumping these out.  Hope everyone had an awesome holiday filled with sass :)   Sorry about the art, I’ve gotten a little rusty/slower :(

Also, Scout Crossing updated.  Thank you all for reading, updates are going to be much more frequent.



This is a little hard to talk about, but over the past year, things haven’t been easy, in a way I’ve struggled with many things with the comic that I didn’t struggle with before.  The art took longer, coloring, line work, writing, even to the point where I began to avoid social media, fearing what I would see.  I love comics, and I love creating them, and along the way, I feel like I lost something.  So I want to apologize to everyone, because I’m always astonished by the support you guys bring.  SO, after that horrid sappiness, I’m happy to be back drawing, and looking forward to Nerf This with all of you.  Again, thank you :)  PS:  Here is this.