I am happy to report I will be making a little trip to New Jersey this weekend to Wild Pig Comics to see a little bit of the excitement going on. There is a signing that includes Danielle Corsetto from Girls with Slingshots and Erica Hesse, I’m sure a few small other tidbits, Hopefully at the rate this comic has been growing in the past 6 months alone I’ll be able to join the con circuit myself, in fact I’m already looking at booth prices (which is crazy to hear myself say out loud). I’ll be including an appearance schedule in the upcoming weeks as to where I’ll be making my adventures. I will be including a new arc shortly, and then I’ll be gradually going into the stories of all the Nerf This cast.

I did get an email from a few people regarding this question, and I may as well address it (this question is asked by many personal friends as well haha), but a few people asked if Taryn is based on an actual person. Well, to answer this question… yes, she is, but not in the way you think, she does physically look like someone that I know, but the personalities are a bit different, and over the course of a few months Taryn turned into her own person. I really had no intention of this but I really wanted to have a female character in Chase’s life… one with short hair (since Steph filled the “girl with long hair” slot). I’m a bit surprised though, to somehow see how my characters grow, you would think this is something that I would have complete control over since I illustrate and write the little buggers, but to the contrary, I find myself having very little control over the scenario.

I also want to thank all of my readers for putting up with my horrid drawing & writing skills haha, I’m happy to see that there is some improvement (I hope) since I started Nerf This 6 months ago, but I hope things can only get better. I’ll see everyone on Wednesday!