Monty:  He’s horridly adorable and snuggable.  He has been by Chase’s side for years and no one knows how this reality came to be, many speculate he is a common rodent caught in a fire, but those theories are incorrect, he’s 100% monster.  Don’t be fooled by his demeanor, because he’s quite sassy.

Powers:  Adorably sharp teeth

Weakness: Limited vocabulary

Chase Connors:  Aggressively stylish, completely aloof, and the unofficial owner of Monty.  Chase is completely social to a fault and may take things a bit too far, but usually when the time comes to be “Johnny on the spot” he shows redeeming qualities.  Currently dating Taryn, who Chase has become quite smitten over.

Powers:  Having moxie.

Weakness:  Boorishness, spiders, and color orange.

Tony Coroni:  A man who has become targeted by awkward events and scenarios, things happen to Tony that no man would like to admit… it has been rumored that the unicorn became extinct just because of his presence.  He has been Chase’s best friend since childhood,  and engaged to Steph.

Powers:  Italian strength, facial hair more dense that steel wool.

Weakness:  Potential fatherhood, and Steph.

Taryn Mills:  Collectively calm, a well of patience that has no limits, and the one who has caught the eye of Chase Connors.  She’s sincere, but has a long history of past events that resurface to test Chase.  Like Chase, Taryn has her own monster as well.

Powers:  Steel bolted logic, and freckles.

Weakness: Unfortunate luck, Chase wearing Spiderman Underwear.

Stephanie Ballonoff:  Intelligent, reliable, and slightly cynical, her and Tony have been together before any of them even had a driver’s license.  She is a little domineering over Tony and Chase, but this is mostly her way of putting out a match before it turns into a fire.  Her and Taryn have bonded since Chase and Taryn began dating.

Powers:  She has the strength of 3 and a half men, tiny knuckles.

Weakness: Everything that lacks logic… like the platypus.

Snarky:  The pet of Taryn, he’s missing an eye from unknown reasons and is much more calm than Monty, but generally is rather pleasant toward everyone.

Powers:  Cuteness

Weakness:  ?? Is there one?

Hunter:  Hunter is Taryn’s ex beau… it’s quite the mystery what happened to him, there have been rumors that he was fairly mild mannered at one time before he became the egotistical man he is today.  He made his appearance trying to coax Taryn back to him and when that became unsuccessful, Chase took the force of his anger.

Powers:  Good looks, douche baggedness

Weakness: Moms

??:  This man/monster/ thing has made himself known to be the original owner of Monty, and they were together a very long time before Chase came along.  He wants Monty back, and is just waiting for that day to come.

Powers:  Immortal maybe?  Magic.

Weakness?  None yet!

Wren:  She’s pleasantly nice, intelligent, a liar, a cheater, and has an insanely strong dislike for Taryn since they were roommates in college.  She wants to steal Chase away from Taryn not because of her attraction to him, just because it devastate Taryn.  Chase was the first of Taryn’s boyfriends to resist Wren’s advances.

Powers: Friendliness, lying, fashion.

Weakness:  Steph’s fists, rejection.

Higgins:  A bird and a tomcat, he’s a ladykiller with a heart and became fast friends with Monty years ago from Monty’s traveling days (from the 1920′s)

Powers:  Sincerity and the Bee’s Knees

Weakness:  An actual cat.

Humphry:  Higgin’s right hand man, a bit more cynical than Higgins, but still has the best of intentions for those less fortunate than himself.

Powers:  A monocle

Weakness:  Spiders

Koalas:  No one knows why, but they hate Chase, and Chase hates them… they send foe after foe, each more menacing than the last.

Powers:  Small, beady little shark eyes.

Weakness:  Sharp things, blunt things… and tom foolery.